Anim8Nature: Exploring Nature with Art & Animation


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What: Artist/animator lead technology/iPad workshops guide children and families to explore nature with art and animation and train teachers to do the same. Referencing their own experiences, students learn animation apps to create content that affirms past learning experiences, documents new knowledge and experiments with what might be. The results are video files that can be shared.  Learning animation bolsters critical thinking, careful observation and a connection to the subject matter.

How: Students see examples of art and animation exploring science and the natural world. They learn how to integrate their own experiences in nature and inspire careful observation. Very accessible animation apps for iPads (or laptop if necessary) provide the tools for this exploration. They spend time outside observing or if not possible remembering outdoor experiences and create a short animation that details some aspect of that organisms life cycle, how it moves or whatever the student finds interesting about it.

Outcomes: Animation skill set, critical thinking, creative problem solving, enhanced observation, new awareness of natural phenomena selected to animate, sparks curiosity

Who: Students from 8 years thru college level, families all ages. Ideal number of students is under 12, but can work with up to 30 with assistance.

Where:Workshops can be scheduled at nature centers, schools, art spaces, museums, parks and rec centers

Time: 1 to 3 hours; once or for 5 days

Workshop Leader: Kristin Reiber Harris is an artist, animator and educator. She has many years experience as a media professional and educator working with children. Her current project is Anim8Nature, short animated documentaries of natural phenomena and workshops to help children and families explore science and nature with art and animation.



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