Customized Professional Learning Services


We help schools transition to implementing inquiry-based and phenomena-based STEM instruction. Our interactive science professional learning programs provide resources for educators to engage the curiosity and wonder of students by bringing hands-on, minds-on curriculum into current teaching situations! These professional learning experiences are tailored to teachers' needs within a school district and are offered both on-site and remotely. Our Customized Professional Learning Services:

  • align science curriculum with the MA STE Framework and NGSS
  • model the use of the Science and Engineering Practices for instruction and assessment
  • provide scientific content relevant to the Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • apply inquiry-based science instruction strategies 
  • develop skills to create phenomena-based units and investigations
  • foster teachers’ use of inquiry-based, hands-on instruction 
  • include science content as well as pedagogy
  • support school-based initiatives to strengthen science instruction and assessment
  • provide strategies for creating an inclusive and equitable science learning environment
  • provide support for implementing OpenSciEd materials in the classroom

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