Alcoa Foundation Grant



"Overview of Funding

Alcoa Foundation invests where Alcoa has a presence to further sustainability and to partner with communities in addressing local needs as they adapt to a rapidly changing world. 

Funding Priorities:

All of our funding decisions and engagement priorities are guided by two key themes:


Support STEM education and workforce training initiatives to help build the advanced technology workforce.

  • STEM: Support innovative education, training programs, and teaching curricula to support career pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
  • Workforce Development: Provide education and training opportunities that lead to employment opportunities in manufacturing or engineering careers.
  • General Education: Support general academic programs and teaching curricula (not including STEM or Environmental Literacy).
  • General Job Readiness: Support programs that provide individuals with basic job readiness skills (not including engineering or manufacturing skills).


Drive measurable and systematic improvements in environmental sustainability through innovative solutions that incorporate the next generation of products, practices, and systems.

  • Sustainable Design: Advance sustainable industrial and product designs that address environmental challenges in transportation, building, and construction or other Alcoa markets.
  • Environmental Literacy: Develop the next generation of environmental ambassadors among students, teachers, Alcoa employees and community members.
  • Nature Capital: Protect and restore natural resources and ecosystems. Reduce emissions, produce less waste, and increase recycling.
  • Standards Leadership: Contribute to the adoption of meaningful standards supported by sound science, with a focus on comprehensive product footprints and life cycle of high-performance metals."