Fully funded STEAM resource for Grades 3-5!

Planet Protector Academy in the classroom
Planet Protector Academy in the classroom

The Planet Protector Academy is suite of innovative digital-led classroom programs that teach elementary students about important environmental issues and empowers them to lead change in their families.

Facilitated by a plug & play website teachers project at the front of the classroom, lessons are led by fun characters that appear to ‘skype’ kids through short, funny videos to facilitate offline learning, creativity and action.

The STEAM-based and video-led approach:

  • Supports Common Core and NGSS standards for Grades 3-5
  • Saves time with 6x1hr pre-planned lessons - no training required
  • Engages diverse learners through a fun arts-based and interdisciplinary approach
  • Connects learning with the home by sending students on superhero missions to change their families’ behaviours!

For a limited time, we have full funding to provide teachers in the United States with free access to the climate change KEEP COOL program (worth US$159/classroom).

How to apply/register:

Teachers sign up for an account and use the Planet Protector Academy in their own time as part of their everyday lessons. Find out more and sign up!



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