Counter Agriculture


I am particularly concerned about the possible supply of food to underdeveloped countries, where the human and natural environment is weaker. Of course, food is the most important of all stages of human progress, because it is associated with extreme poverty. As the future turns out to be uncertain on a daily basis, my goal is to help farmers and ranchers optimize production through different data frameworks by creating the Counter Agriculture application which is a useful tool for growers, agronomists and traders. It is the first application of direct information and assistance to farmers and agronomists regarding the complete plant protection and use of fertilizers for crops.

Through the application, an agronomist and a farmer can be informed in relation to the fight and the integrated plant protection and use of fertilizers of various crops. The application supports 55+ crops. At the same time, the application is a database where every agronomist and every farmer will be able to additionally share their knowledge and experiences so as to create a large e-book that everyone can have at their disposal at any time, so as to refer to the information it needs.