The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in the Virtual Age by Richard Louv

Pro Pick!
  • Fairness and accuracy
  • Depth
  • Action orientation

In my humble opinion, there is no better artifact than Richard Louv’s The Nature Principle to document our present chapter in time as a society faced with balancing the “virtual and the real.” Where his other titles focus on ideas like nature-deficit disorder (Last Child in the Woods) or health implications of spending more time outside (Vitamin N), the Nature Principle covers topics like the “hybrid mind” and offers inspiration for creating high-tech, high-nature neighborhoods where we live and work.

Richard Louv, Audubon Medal Recipient and author of Last Child in the Woods, describes the power of nature in his book, The Nature Principle. His ambitious claims about the importance of nature experiences are backed by research, anecdotes, and personal experience. From this book, you'll learn about how to remain optimistic about the future of the environment while seeing the many impacts of nature.