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NAAEE Publication

Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence describes five key characteristics of effective community engagement. Case studies, drawn from the field of environmental education, are also included to illustrate how key ideas can be implemented.

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NAAEE Publication

The Guidelines for Excellence Series Set includes all five publications, plus the newest publication: Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence.

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NAAEE Publication
Moderator Endorsed: Guidelines for Excellence

K–12 Environmental Education: Guidelines for Excellence provides students, parents, caregivers, educators and others a roadmap to achieving environmental literacy by setting expectations for fourth (age 10), eighth (age 14) and twelfth grade (age 18) students and outlining a framework for effective and comprehensive environmental education programs and curricula. These guidelines define the aims of environmental education. They set a standard for high quality education, based on what an environmentally literate person should know and be able to do by the time they graduate from high school. They draw on the best thinking in the field to outline the core ingredients of environmental education.

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NAAEE Publication
Moderator Endorsed: Early Childhood EE

As the first resource to fully address the unique practices of nature-based early childhood education, the "Nature-Based Preschool Professional Practice Guidebook" is an essential component of any nature-based educator’s toolkit. The Guidebook provides a comprehensive look at nature-based practices in four broad areas: Teaching, Environments, Safety, and Administration, and aims to answer the question: What makes a nature-based preschool safe, effective, and inclusive?

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NAAEE Publication
Moderator Endorsed: Research & Evaluation

Are you interested in assessing and enhancing the connections your audiences have to nature? The Practitioner Guide to Assessing Connection to Nature provides practitioners, organizations, researchers, and others with tested tools for measuring connections to nature. The guide provides information to help you choose an appropriate tool or approach for your needs, specific to your audience and their experiences, to assess connection to nature. Available as a free PDF or purchase a hard copy: Members $15 / Nonmembers $20.

Price: $20.00