Karyl Askew

Roles at NAAEE:


At Large Board Member

Program Evaluation Consultant
Karyl Askew Consulting, LLC.

Karyl Askew is dedicated to developing the next generation of multicultural scientists and scientific thinkers. She is an educational psychologist and program evaluator who applies a culturally responsive equitable approach to promote inclusion and equitable outcomes in mission-driven STEM organizations. Her goal in every exchange is to enhance the capacity of program stakeholders to invite multicultural perspectives into program development and evaluation by honoring the dignity and value of each contributing voice. Since 2005, Karyl has worked alongside program developers and community stakeholders to lead research and evaluation studies. Overall, her body of work has concentrated on the forward-thinking initiatives intended to broaden access for populations that have been historically marginalized or underserved in STEM education and career pathways. Dr. Askew has co-authored peer-reviewed publications focused on gender differences in educational outcomes and multicultural perspectives in program evaluation, along with reports that aid STEM leaders to integrate findings into policy and practice.

Visit Karyl’s site: https://karylaskewphd.com/

Karyl Askew, Ph.D.
Owner & Principal Consultant
Karyl Askew Consulting, LLC