Mission, Vision, and Strategy


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Our Vision

A just and sustainable world where environmental and social responsibility drive individual, institutional, and community choices.


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Our Mission

To use the power of education to advance environmental literacy and civic engagement to create a more equitable and sustainable future. We work with educators, policymakers, and partners throughout the world.

Our Strategies

Our work is based on more than five decades of research about what motivates individuals, organizations, and communities to learn, take action, and create positive societal change. It is also based on the latest thinking about what makes associations and nongovernmental organizations more effective, and how to collaboratively and effectively scale up our collective impact. Our strategy framework outlines an ambitious strategy to advance our goals over the next three years. However, we know that in our rapidly-changing field, no plan is ever static. The world is in constant flux and we must be focused, but nimble, in response.

As we make strides in building a more just and inclusive movement, new ideas, people, and issues will impact the way we approach our work and shape this strategy in the coming years. We are committed to being flexible and understanding that there are many approaches to solving the environmental and social issues we face—and what we consider today will continue to evolve in the coming years.

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Learn about our accomplishments through our annual reports. Read the Strategic Framework, our strategy to create a stronger, more vibrant organization. And access other important reports on environmental literacy.