Superintendents' EE Collaborative (SEEC)


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Nurturing School District Environmental Education Leadership


The Superintendents' Environmental Education Collaborative is expanding environmental education programs so all students have access to robust, real-world learning experiences that bolster STEM learning, promote civic engagement, and prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st-century workplace. 

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About SEEC

The Superintendents’ Environmental Education Collaborative was formed through a partnership between Superintendents and environmental education organizations. SEEC is comprised of district-level superintendents who are committed to support and expand the EE opportunities for their schools, teachers, and students.


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How Does the Collaborative Work?

The Collaborative works to advance EE by assisting school districts in obtaining funding from the ESSA, forming partnerships between school districts and EE organizations, and sharing model programs in school districts to learn from each other.


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Get Started With the Toolkit

The toolkit will assist in developing or enhancing your EE efforts throughout your school district.