Board Testimonials

I'm so proud of the wide swath of partners we work with in all sectors, so that long term, new-comers, and aspiring environmental educators can build knowledge and skills and can learn and teach about how to engage in civic life.
Charlotte Clark, Past Board Chair

I believe that the work we're doing today will directly inform the next generation to be the leaders that we need that will create a society that prioritizes people and the planet.
Danni Washington, NAAEE Board Vice Chair

I am more hopeful for a just and sustainable future all because of the work of NAAEE. 
Beth Stevens, NAAEE Board Member

For 50 years [NAAEE] has uplifted this field. They've taught people the skills and knowledge they need to be effective communicators and teachers about our environment.
Jaime González, NAAEE Board Secretary

Think back 50 years ago to 1971, from a little idea, NAAEE has become the preeminent international network of environmental educators on the planet.
Will Parish, NAAEE Board Member

I hope you'll join me in supporting NAAEE's initiatives to reach linguistically, ethnically, and racially diverse communities who have not been traditionally represented in environmental initiatives.
Diego Román, NAAEE Board Member

[NAAEE] creates these connections that allow us to do more than we could do on our own. I hope you'll join me in supporting connection as we build a better future together.
Mary Ford, NAAEE Board Chair