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NAAEE is a vibrant professional network working to advance environmental literacy and civic engagement throughout North America and beyond. Our members are professionals with environmental education responsibilities and interests across business, government, higher education, formal (K–12) education, nonformal education, early childhood education, science education and STEM, and other sectors of society. 

Doesn't everyone need a helping hand? As a nonprofit member organization, we know better than most that the answer is a resounding "Yes!" We want to think big and bold with you.

Join our network of dedicated individuals who are committed to using environmental education as a tool to create lasting environmental change. We support our members and promote excellence in the field by providing guidelines, research, tools, and professional programs that help cultivate collective impact and motivate multi-sector support.

Anyone can join eePRO, the global community of environmental educators, where they can find and post jobs, events, and resources, connect with other EE professionals, and participate in professional development opportunities. NAAEE members get added benefits, like the ability to comment, discuss in Groups pages, connect with others who have similar interests in the field, and more.

NAAEE’s annual conferences have helped shape the evolution of environmental education into the powerful force it is today, positively advancing civic engagement, environmental literacy, STEM learning, and the health of our communities and our planet.

We are proud of our many accomplishments to elevate environmental education as a key strategy for creating lasting environmental change, none of which could have been achieved without the incredible support of our many valued partners and funders.

Since 1998, the Affiliate Network has grown to a membership of more than 50 organizations across North America. NAAEE and the Affiliate Network work together to strengthen environmental education, build capacity, increase diversity and inclusion, and grow the movement.

NAAEE awards are presented to individuals and organizations at our annual conference to recognize outstanding achievements in environmental education.

We blog, too! With a field of incredibly talented and thought-provoking professionals, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest thinking in EE. But it’s not just about reading—we want to hear from you. Your comments challenge and enrich our blog, and make NAAEE what it is.

NAAEE offers many easy ways to stay connected with individuals working in the environmental education field and with the latest EE news. Become a member. Join eePRO and a Group. Follow us on social media. Read our blog. Attend our conference. Contact us. Connect!