Five Rivers Metroparks' Joshua York Wins NAAEE Award: Outstanding Service to EE by an Individual (Local Level)


Joshua York, Naturalist and Education Supervisor with Five Rivers Metroparks, Receives NAAEE's Award for Outstanding Service to EE by an Individual (Local Level) at NAAEE's 2015 Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.



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DAYTON, OH, October 18, 2015 — Joshua York, a naturalist and education supervisor at Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, Ohio (, was recently recognized by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), a leader in environmental education, as the recipient of one of NAAEE’s hallmark annual awards recognizing leadership in the field. At a special awards reception during NAAEE’s 44th Annual Conference in San Diego, York received the award for Outstanding Service to EE by an Individual (Local Level).

The Five Rivers MetroParks system, which encompasses 19 parks in the Montgomery County area surrounding Dayton, offers a wide-ranging educational program built on the concept of nature play and getting people outside. In addition to providing dedicated places to experience natural features and wonders, the organization offers numerous programs on topics ranging from hibernating insects to how to track raccoons in the woods. Many of the parks include areas where children can roam safely, build rock dams and forts, play with the flow of water, pick wildflowers, and balance on logs, even without the assistance of park staff members.

“For more than four decades, NAAEE has promoted excellence and impact in environmental education thanks to the tireless efforts of our members, supporters, and affiliate organizations,” said Judy Braus, Executive Director. “Our award winners represent bright spots across North America that show progress in our field across multiple disciplines and approaches, from teaching and community engagement to research and environmental justice.” 

This year, 11 award recipients — an impressive slate of individuals and organizations from North America —were selected across 11 categories. For more information about the 2015 NAAEE Awards including eligibility requirements and a full list of winners, visit