National Teachers Group Confronts Climate Denial: Keep the Politics Out of Science Class




News Article

Publication: Inside Climate News

Author: Phil McKenna


NAAEE applauds NSTA's Position Statement on "The Teaching of Climate Science” and welcomes their firm stand against misinformation on climate science and assertion of the need to educate our students about climate change. NAAEE’s Executive Director, Judy Braus, was on the team that helped develop the position statement, along with a committed group of interdisciplinary educators and scientists led by Eric Pyle and Cindy Workosky. This position statement and the supporting materials will provide guidelines for educators everywhere about why teaching climate is so important, strategies for discussing climate with students and other educators, and the importance of a creating a scientifically informed and engaged populace. Our young people will be living with the impacts of climate change throughout their lives and need to have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to figure out the best solutions on how to reduce the impact of climate change on communities--especially those most vulnerable--and all life on Earth.

Read the article on Inside Climate News that mentions NAAEE and quotes NAAEE Executive Director, Judy Braus regarding the statement: