Note from the Executive Director: March 22, 2017


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Message from the Executive Director

From the note: 

Here are six things you can do now that would truly make a difference. I hope you’ll choose those actions that best reflect your personal and organizational values and what you believe will have the most impact.


  1. Meet, Write, and Call Your Members of Congress: Your Voice Counts!
  2. Take Part in the Marches, Town Hall Meetings, and Other Activities that Support Your Work and Values: Numbers Count (Visit the March for Science website.)
  3. Join NAAEE’s Action Network and eePRO: Participation Counts
  4. Get Involved in Your Community: Civic Engagement Counts: Look for ways to partner with organizations working on civic engagement in your community and support local initiatives that get others involved.
  5. Submit a Proposal for Puerto Rico: Collective Impact Counts
  6. Donate to NAAEE: Your Support Counts

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