What if every kid got to go to summer camp … during the school year? Oregon could be the first state to fund “outdoor school” for all




News Article

Publication: The Hechinger Report

Author: Lillian Mongeau

Link: http://hechingerreport.org/what-if-every-kid-got-to-go-to-summer-camp-during-the-school-year/

Excerpt featuring Sarah Bodor:

"Many American schoolchildren get a chance to spend a few days in the woods in fifth or sixth grade, said Sarah Bodor, the director of policy for the North American Association for Environmental Education. But, as far as she knows, no other state is considering funding an outdoor school experience for all children.

Bodor said Oregon’s initiative is “really exciting.” She thinks schools need to give kids “a basic environmental literacy, a basic understanding of how earth systems and human systems interact, and how decisions individuals make will impact those systems.”

Bodor said the best environmental education programs teach kids “how to think critically about complex issues and much less about what to think.”

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