Alaska Natural Resources and Outdoor Education Association

Primary Contact

Laurel Devaney

200 W. 34th Street
Suite 1007
Anchorage, AK 99503
United States


ANROE envisions a world…

  • where Alaskans of all ages will become environmentally literate, lifelong learners who embrace cultural diversity and ecological principles to sustain Earth and all life forces.
  • where individuals are linked with the tools to facilitate community-based environmental education programs and investigations of environmental issues.
  • where Alaskans view environmental education not as a subject area, but as a community-based, hierarchical process of developing six elements: awareness, appreciation, attitudes, ecological understanding, skills, and active stewardship.
  • where ANROE promotes excellence in environmental education, and links educators, resources and organizations in a way that builds trust and acknowledges diverse perspectives.


To promote & implement excellence in natural resource, outdoor and environmental education in Alaska.

Goals & Objectives 

ANROE collaborates with organizations, agencies, & school districts to provide education resources, training, & networking opportunities about Alaska natural resources. Thru its newsletter, mailing list & forums, ANROE members share information about environmental education tools, techniques, employment & professional development opportunities. ANROE is funded by memberships & sponsors.

Current Initiatives 

The Alaska Natural Resource and Environmental Literacy Plan is a comprehensive strategy for advancing environmental literacy in Alaska. It is a framework to guide PreK-12 public schools in integrating environmental education, including active outdoor learning, as part of the school curricula with support from community partners. Implementing the plan will ensure that all Alaskan students have opportunities to learn in the natural world and connect with the communities in which they live. The will develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to become global citizens who make informed, responsible, personal and collective decisions about our environment and its natural resources.

ANROE was instrumental in the development of the Alaska Natural Resource and Environmental Literacy Plan. Recognizing the importance of the plan, the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game stepped forward to lead the planning efforts with a core Group representing diverse stakeholders throughout Alaska. Currently, there are limited financial resources to support its full implementation, but ANROE’s activities work to implement the plan’s goals. ANROE received a small grant to work directly with school districts interested in implementing specific strategies within the plan and is continuing to look for funding opportunities to advance this statewide initiative. 



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