A portrait of Bridget Booth smiling at the camera
  • Bridget Booth (she/her)

    8th Grade Science Teacher and Outdoor Classroom Coordinator, MAEOE Board Member and Past President, Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE)
  • CEE-Change Fellow
  • 2023
United States

Bridget is a middle school science teacher and certified environmental educator working towards integrating outdoor and climate education into public education curriculum through student-driven action and advocacy.

About Bridget

Bridget (she/her) is a tree climber, sky watcher, and day dreamer who prefers being among the trees or in the water to just about any other location. She spends her spare time reading, enjoying music (live if possible), and exploring outside with her husband and two sons. She shares her passion for nature with her students at Haslett Middle School in Michigan, where she teaches 8th grade science, developed an outdoor-based environmental science elective, created and coordinates an outdoor classroom, and leads the school environmental club.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Michigan State University, Bridget got her start in education at Woldumer Nature Center, where she began as a camp counselor and eventually became the program director. This work became the foundation of her teaching practice after she earned her certificate 17 years ago, and she's been taking middle school students outside to learn science ever since. She is an active board member and past president of the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education and is currently leading a climate education action team to advance climate literacy throughout the state of Michigan.

About Bridget’s Community Action Project (CAP)

For Bridget’s Community Action Project, she will develop an interdisciplinary climate education model that is responsive to student mental health, emphasizes social and environmental justice, and encourages activism. The ultimate goal is to create a student-led pilot program that could be tested in her district and used as a model for other schools throughout Michigan. The model would include connecting existing educational standards to climate education goals across subject areas, using outdoor education strategies to address student ecoanxiety and foster emotional resiliency, and working with the district DEI committee to integrate climate justice into core curriculum. This project will include a culminating event or school-wide activity that will empower students to apply climate solutions to their local community and will be based on the collaborative efforts of a strong student leadership team, dedicated teachers, and district partners.

Bridget’s partner organization in this endeavor is the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE), which has been working towards advancing environmental and climate literacy throughout the state of Michigan.  This project will be guided by the Climate Education Action Team, which is made up of committed environmental educators and climate advocates representing MAEOE and the Michigan Climate Action Network.  By assessing student and educator needs, this group hopes to use this model to provide the resources and professional development opportunities necessary for the successful integration of climate education into schools throughout Michigan, thereby empowering young citizens to create positive change in their communities.