Darryl Ramos-Young
  • Darryl Ramos-Young

    Public Information Specialist, West Basin Municipal Water District
  • Advisory Council

Darryl Ramos-Young is the Education Coordinator for the West Basin Municipal Water District, a local government agency providing water to over one million people in the coastal Los Angeles area. He earned his BS degree in Environmental Education from Humboldt State University and has over 30 years of education program development and fundraising experience with local, state, and national environmental education organizations. 

He helped establish the Hawaii Environmental Education Association, served as a steering committee member for the Golden State Environmental Education Consortium, is a board member of the California Environmental Education Foundation, and was one of the current Diversity and Inclusion eePRO moderators for the North American Association for Environmental Education. Darryl’s passion is strengthening the communication networks and available resources for urban EE organizations.  His efforts have included expanding the community outreach for an environmental education grants program to diverse populations for Save-the-Redwoods League, building the first Los Angeles urban nature center for the National Audubon Society, and creating an environmental education job training program for urban young adults for the West Basin Municipal Water District. When time allows, Darryl enjoys plunging into ice-cold rivers, telling good ghost stories, and savoring small-batch handcrafted whiskey.