A person smiling sitting on a boulder in the middle of a field
  • Hannah Barg (they/them)

    Youth Climate Program Manager, The Wild Center
  • CEE-Change Fellow
  • 2023
United States

Hannah helps youth and adults take climate action together by building intergenerational partnerships for change. 

About Hannah

Hannah Barg (they/them) is the Youth Climate Program Manager at The Wild Center. They support the international Youth Climate Summit Network of over 160 summits in 9 countries that have used the Youth Climate Summit Toolkit & resources to start summits all over the world! Hannah hosts monthly Network meetings and travels to other summit sites with the climate team and regional high school climate leaders.

Hannah studied environmental science at Goshen College and holds a Masters degree in Experiential and Outdoor Education from Western Carolina University. For their Masters thesis study, Youth Got the Power: Building Youth-Adult Partnerships for Climate Action, Hannah worked with 3 high school students to design and implement a climate action project. Hannah is passionate about several climate topics including climate justice, climate fiction/music, and climate action planning. Three words to describe Hannah's role in the climate movement include: reader, bike organizer & singer/ songwriter. 

About Hannah’s Community Action Project (CAP)

For Hannah’s project, they will be working on connecting young people with their local governments to take climate action together. The Youth Climate Program is in the final stages of developing 2 youth guides related to this topic (one is New York State specific, the other is for youth in other states) which will be disseminated to adults and young people in NYS and beyond as a part of this project. They see this as an opportunity to build out a model for intergenerational civic engagement and climate action. Youth and local governments may seem like unlikely partners, but they have so much to offer each other in terms of capacity building, career exposure, inclusive community engagement, and generating unique ideas to increase local climate resilience.