Paul Hart
  • Paul Hart

    Professor of Education, University of Regina
  • Advisory Council

Paul Hart is Professor of Science and Environmental Education at the University of Regina in Western Canada where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in his subject areas as well as courses in research methodology and curriculum inquiry. He is the author of Teachers’ Thinking In Environmental Education: Consciousness and Responsibility (© 2003, New York: Peter Lang).

His research interests extend from genealogical roots of teacher thinking and children’s ideas about environment-related education to sociocultural views on learning. His recent work focuses on exploring the potential of both critical and post-informed theories for research practice in writing beyond human-environment boundaries. His work seeks to understand possible relationships amongst ideas of relational ways of knowing, sociocultural views of learning and processes implicated in young people’s construction of identity and agency. Currently, he is an Executive Editor of the Journal of Environmental Education and a consulting editor/editorial board member for several journals including the CanadianAustralian and Southern African Journals of Environmental Education and Environmental Education Research. He has served several terms as a member of the Board of the North American Association for Environmental Education and has served on the grants adjudication committee of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. He publishes quite extensively and has received several awards for his publications and for service work, including the Journal for Research in Science Teaching and the North American Association for Environmental Education research awards, the Melanson Award for outstanding contributions to environmental and outdoor education in Saskatchewan and the NAAEE Jeske Award for leadership and service to the field of environmental education.