Ramona Big Eagle
  • Ramona Big Eagle

  • CEE-Change Fellow
  • 2021
  • Guidelines Trainers' Bureau
United States

Tower to Table for Food Security, Education, and Sustainability

The Project
This project proposes an innovative gardening idea that uses education to help to address a community environmental issue. Community members (specifically seniors and children) will take part in attending classes and I will teach them about nutrition, healthy living through gardening, and entrepreneurship. As a result of the training they receive, the participants will grow and eat nutritious vegetables and fruits and learn how to sustain themselves financially!


Serve seniors and children from underserved communities and individuals that live in food deserts with classes and hands on experiences that will help them achieve a more equitable and sustainable future for themselves.

Project Outcomes

  • Community members will gain new knowledge, skills, and more importantly the benefits of a cohesive, close caring community.
  • Bring seniors and children into an inter-generational environment in which they can learn from each other as they develop nutritional knowledge, leadership skills, innovative gardening skills and an entrepreneur mindset and a renewed sense of a caring community.

Project Action Steps

The project will progress through 18 classes (2 hours each month for 9 months) of in class discussion, interactive exercises with hands on execution with the Tower Gardens, entrepreneurial training, and role playing.

  • 1st Week of September

Participants will be identified from the surrounding community of the Eastway Regional Park and Recreation Center. The Center will do advertising about the upcoming project, ,and I will go throughout the surrounding community passing out flyers announcing the opportunity to take part in classes for Community Gardening, Nutrition Classes, Entrepreneurial Leadership and FREE FOOD!

  • 2nd–4th Week of September

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Classes begin. These include 30 minutes in class and 30 minute interactions with the Tower Gardens.

  • 1st–4th Week of October

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Classes continue. These include 30 minutes in class and 30 minute interactions with the Tower Gardens.

  • 1st Week of November–4th Week of May

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle classes continue with the introduction of Entrepreneurial Leadership classes. These include 30 minutes in class and 30 minute interactions with the Tower Gardens.

  • May 31, 2022

Participants graduate and receive Certificates of Completion!