Shreya K.C.
  • Shreya K.C.

    Campaign Coordinator, Mock COP and YOUNGO
  • 30 Under 30
  • 2022

Age: 24


Shreya (she/her) is a passionate climate justice activist from Nepal spreading awareness, advocating policies, and taking action for the climate. 

How are you using education to build more sustainable and equitable communities? 

I believe in the potential of education in creating a new generation of changemakers to build a fair and sustainable future for everyone. Standing on this belief, I taught science and environment in a local school for two years. I formed a green club to engage children in environmental campaigns. I have reached out to students of 60+ schools and colleges to educate them on the environment, and climate crisis. As a team leader of the youth-led volunteer network Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA), in 2019-21, I have been able to directly work with and empower 15,000+ young people. Being a face of the network, I led the overall team and NYCA works like inspiring children to take action, empowering youth through different youth-focused programs, lobbying climate policies, and providing youth interventions in climate events, and so on.

In 2021, via Mock COP, I worked to organize an education and environment ministers summit at the UN climate conference 2021. We were able to have ambitious pledges from 25 countries for climate and environmental education. I have also worked with UNICEF, UNEP, and other organizations to promote climate education. I connect my work from the local to the international level. 

Tell us about your journey to where you are today.

Five years back, I was totally unaware of the climate crisis and other serious environmental problems. It was on the first day of my Bachelors class in Environmental Science, which I joined completely by chance, that I learned about it. At first, I was terrified and hopeless. Still, I am, but the difference is that now I have hope. So, rather than being a victim of climate change, I decided to take the role of a climate warrior. I also felt driven by a sense of justice and by the privileges I’ve ever received, to be involved in climate action.

I then worked with NYCA for five years. I have been engaged in cause-focused grassroot campaigns, and today I work with youth and youth networks at the national and international level to raise awareness and influence policymakers. Climate change is a global crisis. We need to educate and connect young people across the globe so that we can pitch a whole new level of solutions and activism. 


What (or who) keeps you hopeful for the future?

Increasing number of thoughtful and educated youth leaders across the world makes me hopeful for the future.

What’s something that can always make you laugh?

Children, Cats, and Dogs

If a genie granted you one wish, what would it be?

A fair and equal system for all

Do you prefer sunrise, sunset, midday, or midnight?

Sunset, it shows the importance of letting things go and preparing for a new beginning.

Shreya K.C. Images

Shreya K.C. presenting

Shreya speaks with youth at the National Youth Training on Climate Change. Photo credit: Omkar Subediing 

Shreya K.C. protest

Shreya organized and participated in the "Save Nijgadh Forest" rally campaign. Photo credit: Prakash Lamaparticipating