Environmental Issue Guides

Issue guides provide the overall framework for the deliberative discussion and help forum participants focus on alternative courses of action. These guides present a general overview of the issue along with 3-4 approaches to addressing the issue. Possible tradeoffs are also provided for each approach. Issue guides have been developed to promote deliberation on climate change, water, energy, and food.

Environmental issue guides and supporting materials—EIF is informed, but not overwhelmed, by scientifically accurate information.

Additional issue guides will follow on other pressing environmental and community concerns.


illustration of person on laptop connecting with many people virtually

Resources for Holding Deliberative Forums Online

In response to setting new directions for in-person forums during our current climate, several National Issues Forums (NIF) partners have successfully convened virtual face-to-face forums using the Zoom platform.

We are happy to be able to share their experiences and some materials and tips about convening a deliberative face-to-face online forum using a platform like Zoom.