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Welcome to the ee360+ Blog Series, Ripple Effect

This blog series, Ripple Effect, highlights stories of collaboration and impact among partners in the ee360+ Leadership and Training Collaborative. ee360+ is an ambitious multi-year initiative that connects, trains, and promotes innovative leaders dedicated to using the power of education to create a more just and sustainable future for everyone, everywhere. Led by NAAEE, ee360+ is made possible through funding and support from U.S. EPA and twenty-six partner organizations representing universities and nonprofits across the country, as well as five federal agencies. Through this partnership, ee360+ brings together more than five decades of expertise to grow, strengthen, and diversify the environmental education field.

Map of continental U.S. in grey with pink dots scattered across the states

"How Program Evaluators Track the Ripple Effect" by Joe Heimlich and Justin Meyer of COSI Center for Research and Evaluation (CRE) (March 2024)

Using zip codes and mapping, COSI Center for Research and Evaluation is demonstrating ee360+'s progress towards equity, diversity, and justice goals. Read more in our latest Ripple Effects blog post.


A group photo of the NAAEE Affiliate Group at the NAAEE Conference in 2022

"Building Bridges (and Capacity) Through ee360+ Affiliate Grants" by Bruce Young, Affiliate Relations Specialist, NAAEE (March 2024)

This blog showcases the work from the NAAEE Affiliate Network and their work to build capacity for environmental education at the local level and centering JEDIA in the field with funding from ee360+. The Affiliate capacity-building grants awarded 14 Bridge Building grants and Community Catalyst grants to Affiliates across the U.S. Read more about their work.

watercolor image with blue and white waves

"Building Indigenous Inclusion in Our EE Program: Deleting the "Just" Button" by Julia Beck, vice president of Networks at Project WET (December 2023)

This Project WET vlog highlights their lessons learned work while training on Indigenous inclusion with Native educators through the ee360+ program. Learn their six major takeaways on Indigenous inclusion.

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"Together We Thrive - ee360+ Partners at the NAAEE Conference" (December 2023)

The NAAEE conference showcased the dedication of our ee360+ partners working towards a more sustainable and equitable future, and it’s not too late to learn from their expertise and insights. View their sessions through March 2024. 

A group of people with white hard hats posing for a photo next to a large solar panel

"Providing Educators and Students with a Toolkit for Green Careers" by Alexis Fineman, Associate Program Director at SEI: Building Leaders for a Resilient World (November 2023)

This Career Connections Toolkit, created by SEI, helps meet SEI's mission to build leaders for a resilient world. Job seekers interested in green careers can use this toolkit to job search and explore sustainability professions. 

A graphic image of a person with long blonde hair with natural elements in the background

"Tips for Addressing Climate Anxiety in Youth" by Austen Needleman, associate program manager at SEI: Building Leaders for a Resilient World (December 2023)

SEI recognizes the importance and difficulty of discussing the impacts of climate change with young people. Check out this list of tips on addressing climate anxiety in youth and learn about solutions and strategies that can lead to action.

Colorful, abstract leaves

"Learning from Each Other, Dreaming the Future" by The Center for Diversity & The Environment (September 2023)

NAAEE’s ee360+ Leadership and Training Collaborative and the Center for Diversity & the Environment brought together environmental educators from across the country to discuss what happens when EE centers in and emerges from equity, diversity, inclusion, and culture change.

High water sign blocks part of a flooded roadway

"Amplifying Youth Voices for Community Action" by Vince Meldrum, executive director and CEO of Earth Force (July 2023)

Learn how Earth Force’s partnership with ee360+ merges civic engagement and environmental education to empower young individuals to drive positive change at St. Francis de Sales High School in Illinois. 

A group of people stand in a forest

"A Catalyst for Impact: How Collaboration on ee360+ Sparks a Joint Conference" by Rocco Saracina, senior manager for partnerships and development at the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (August 2023)

This blog highlights the collaboration of three national and long-standing environmental education nonprofits and ee360+ partners—Project Learning Tree (PLT), Project WILD (WILD), and Project WET (WET)—set to host a joint annual conference planned for 2024.

Student stands at a podium in a local government meeting setting

"Youth Taking Action for Their Communities" by Dr. Martha Monroe, associate director and professor of environmental education at the University of Florida, and Dr. Megan Ennes, assistant curator (Professor) of museum education at the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida and the director of the Thompson Earth Systems Institute (August 2023)

4-H Leader Sarah Wolking and University of Florida (UF) master’s student Cayla Romano discuss a recent, successful youth-driven 4-H Community Action Projects for the Environment (CAPE) in Alachua County.

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