ee360+ Partners

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ee360+ Partners

A group of 27  organizations, including NAAEE, along with universities, nonprofit organizations, and federal agencies that focus on education, environment, and conservation have agreed to collaborate to achieve ee360+’s mission. Based on the major role they will play within ee360+, participating organizations and agencies are divided into Training or Dissemination Partners.

Training Partners: Professional Development for the Field

ee360+ Training Partners include 12 organizations and universities. They will be responsible for the delivery of professional development and related activities. Individual implementation plans specify what each partner will do, audiences and number of educators they will reach, measurable outcomes and outputs, performance indicators, and plans for data collection for evaluation purposes. Read more about our Training Partners.

The Training Partners include the following:

Dissemination Partners: Expanding Our Reach

Dissemination Partners have agreed to work with ee360+ to increase access to high-quality resources and networks and reduce duplication of effort through increased coordination and collaboration. The work of Dissemination Partners is described in more detail in Goal 3, Output C. Read more about our Dissemination Partners.

Dissemination Partners include the following: