Board Chair Award

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The Board Chair’s Award (previously the President’s award) is given at the discretion of the sitting NAAEE Board Chair to recognize exemplary achievements in the field of environmental education.

Board Chair Award Winners

2015 Winner
Judy Braus, Executive Director, NAAEE

2014 Winner
Sue McGuire, McGuire Consulting

2013 Winner
Gus Medina, EECapacity Project Manager

2011 Winner
Strategic Plan Transition: Jose "Pepe" Marcos-Iga, Governance Task Force

2011 Winner
Strategic Plan Transition: Donny Roush, Communications Task Force

2011 Winner
Strategic Plan Transition: Joe Heimlich, Special Interest Groups Task Force

2011 Winner
Strategic Plan Transition: Dave Chase, Nominations and Elections Task Force

2011 Winner
Strategic Plan Transition: Gus Medina, Diversity and Inclusivity Task Force

2010 Winner
Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP)

2009 Winner
Affiliate Network Steering Committee Chairs

2008 Winner
2008 NAAEE Board

2007 Winner
Don Baugh, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Linda Rhoads, chair of NAAEE's EE Advocacy Committee Don Baugh

2006 Winner
Isabel Castillo

2005 Winner
Representative Charles Taylor, North Carolina

2004 Winner
Mary Rice, Shaumburg Park District's Spring Valley Nature Center, and Nancy Buckardt, Lake County Forest Preserves, Illinois 

2003 Winner
Maria Isabel Castillo, Solmanik, Inc.

2002 Winner
Elaine Andrews, Director, University of Wisconsin Extension -- Environmental Resources Center

2001 Winner
The NAAEE Staff

2000 Winner
Tiahoga Ruge, CICEANA, Mexico

1999 Winner
Emilio Williams, The Koi Group

1998 Winner
Barbara Pyle, Turner Broadcasting System

1997 Winner
The Canadian Conference Committee

1996 Winner
Ed McCrea, NAAEE Executive Director Edward McCrea

1995 Winner
Brenton S. Halsey, James River Corporation

1994 Winner
David Wicks, Center for Environmental Education at the University of Louisville David Wicks

1993 Winner
Andriy Demydenko, Environmental Education and Information Center of the Ukraine

1992 Winner
Janet Thoreen, Pleasant Hill

1991 Winner
Harold Hungerford, Southern Illinois University

1990 Winner
Senator Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day

1989 Winner
Joan C. Heidelberg, Executive Vice-President, NAAEE

1988 Winner
Bonnie McCabe, Dade Community College

1988 Winner
Bob McCabe, Dade Community College