Outstanding Service to EE Award

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The Outstanding Service to Environmental Education Awards are presented to individuals and organizations to recognize their efforts to lead EE efforts.

2022 Outstanding Service to EE (Individual)


Judy Braus and Donna Rogler 2022

Donna Rogler, Project Learning Tree

2022 Outstanding Service to EE (Organization)


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Known for one or more of the following:

  • Visible contributions to EE (e.g. research, innovations, curricula, legislation, publications, etc.)
  • Dedicated service in the field of EE
  • Outstanding environmental contribution by a person whose primary function is not environmental (e.g. a politician supportive of EE programs or legislation, etc.)
  • Excellence in reporting environmental issues in the media for the purpose of educating the public (e.g. a writer; newspaper, radio, or television program that regularly gives space or time to present environmental information; or any network, foundation, or entity that makes such reporting possible)
Past Recipients

2019 Winner Individual-Local
Jennifer Hubbard-Sánchez, Recreation Manager at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

2019 Winner Individual-Global
Jill Korach, Assistant Director of Field Programs for Miami University's Project Dragonfly

2019 Winner Organization-Local/Regional
Berea College

2018 Winner Individual-Local
Jamie Nakama, Curriculum Specialist, Hawai’i Nature Center

2018 Winner Individual-National
Yash Bhagwanji, Executive Editor for International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education (IJECEE)

2018 Winner Individual-Regional
Katie Navin, Executive Director, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

2018 Winner Individual-Global
Gayatri Raghwa, Senior Specialist at the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi

2018 Winner Organization-Local
Thorne Nature Experience

2018 Winner Organization-Global
Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

2017 Winner Individual-National
Josetta Hawthorne, Executive Director, Council for Environmental Education

2017 Winner Individual-Global
Ginger Potter, Senior Education Specialist for US EPA

2017 Winner Organization-Local/Regional
Mojave Environmental Education Consortium

2017 Winner Organization-Global
The Foundation for Environmental Education

2016 Winner Individual-Local
Polly Knowlton Cockett, Environmental and Geoscience Education Specialist

2016 Winner Individual-Regional
Adrian Ayson, Executive Director, NEEEA

2016 Winner Organization-Local
Santa Clarita Environmental Education Consortium (SCEEC)

2016 Winner Organization-Regional
Audubon Rockies

2016 Winner Organization-Global
Zayed Future Energy Prize (ZFEP)

2015 Winner Individual-Local
Joshua York, Education Supervisor for the Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, Ohio

2015 Winner Individual-Regional
Lisa Bardwell, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Earth Force

2015 Winner Organization-Local
S.C.R.A.P. Gallery, The Art Museum for the Environmen

2015 Winner Organization-Regional
Prairie Science Class

2015 Winner Organization-Global
Agrium, Inc.

2014 Winner Individual-Local
Ashley Hoffman, Executive Director of Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE) and Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEA) 

2014 Winner Individual-Regional
Don Baugh, Chesapeake Bay Foundation Educator; Founder and Director of the No Child Left Inside Coalition

2014 Winner Individual-Global
Shin-Cheng Yeh, Deputy Minister of the EPA-Taiwan

2014 Winner Organization-Local
City of Fort Collins Natural Areas

2014 Winner Organization-Regional
Inside Education, Ottawa, Canada

2014 Winner Organization-Global
Earth Forcewww.earthforce.org

2013 Winner Individual-Local
Maureen Stine, Conservation Educator, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

2013 Winner Individual-Regional
Thom Benedict, Director, Utah Society for Environmental Education 

2013 Winner Individual-Global
Edward McCrea, President and CEO, Environmental Education and Conservation Global 

2013 Winner Organization-Local
Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park

2013 Winner Organization-Regional
Green Schools

2012 Winner Individual-Local
Leslie Pieters, Interim Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics at the Roosevelt Union Free School District

2012 Winner Individual-Global
Safiya Samman, US Forest Service 

2012 Winner Organization-Local
City of Plano - Sustainability & Environmental Services in Texas

2012 Winner Organization-Regional
Acorn Naturalists and The Acorn Group

2011 Winner Individual-Local
Sean Miller, Washington, DC 

2011 Winner Individual-Regional
Elizabeth Burke, Virginia 

2011 Winner Organization-Local
Audubon Wyoming

2011 Winner Organization-Regional
The Campaign for Environmental Literacy

2011 Winner Organization-Regional
Earth Day Network

2011 Winner Organization-Regional
National Wildlife Federation

2011 Winner Organization-Regional
U.S. Green Building Council, Washington DC

2010 Winner Individual-Local
Tracy Hollis, Texas 

2010 Winner Individual-Regional
James Elder, Council for Environmental Literacy, Washington DC 

2010 Winner Individual-Global
Al Stenstrup, Project Learning Tree, Washington DC 

2010 Winner Organization-Local
REAL School Gardens, Texas

2010 Winner Organization-Regional
Facing the Future, Washington

2010 Winner Organization-Global
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Kentucky

2009 Winner Individual-Local
Laura Downey, Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) 

2009 Winner Individual-Local
Dr. Duane Keown, Wyoming 

2009 Winner Individual-Regional
Kim Bailey, Georgia 

2009 Winner Individual-Global
Bora Simmons, National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education 

2009 Winner Organization-Local
Golden Gate Audubon Society

2009 Winner Organization-Regional

2009 Winner Organization-Global
Environmental Education Exchange

2008 Winner Individual-Local
Kay Antunez de Mayolo, California Project Learning Tree 

2008 Winner Individual-Regional
Bunyan Bryant, University of Michigan 

2008 Winner Organization-Local
Kids for the Bay, San Francisco, CA

2008 Winner Organization-Regional
North Cascades Institute, Woolley, WA

2008 Winner Organization-Global
Project Dragonfly, Miami University, Oxford, OH

2007 Winner Individual-Local
Chris Adam, Quebec 

2007 Winner Individual-Regional
Fran McTamaney, San Francisco Bay Area

2007 Winner Individual-Global
Rosalyn McKeown, Portland, Oregon 

2007 Winner Organization-Local
Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, Flagstaff, Arizona

2007 Winner Organization-Regional
The NEED Project, Manassas, Virginia

2007 Winner Organization-Global
Laurel Springs K-12 Distance Learning Program, Ojai, California

2006 Winner Individual-Local
Lanny Smith, Earthman

2006 Winner Individual-Regional
William F Hammond, Florida Coast University 

2006 Winner Organization-Local
Facing the Future

2006 Winner Organization-Regional
Audubon of North Woods

2006 Winner Organization-Global
Green Teacher Magazine

2006 Winner Organization-Global
Project Learning Tree

2005 Winner Individual-Local
Tanya Oznowich, New Jersey Dept. of Env. Protection 

2005 Winner Individual-Regional
Ken Strom, Director of Bird Conservation & Public Policy, Audubon Colorado

2005 Winner Individual-Global
Tiahoga Ruge, Mexico City, Mexico

2005 Winner Organization-Local
Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park, Las Cruces. New Mexico

2005 Winner Organization-Regional
Sierra Youth Coalition, Ottawa, Ontario

2005 Winner Organization-Global
The Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Ahmedabad, India

2004 Winner Individual-Local
Art Shomo, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources-Wildlife Resources Section

2004 Winner Individual-Regional
Gene Eidson, Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy

2004 Winner Organization-Local
Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

2004 Winner Organization-Regional
Earth Day Canada

2003 Winner Individual-Local
Bernie Samm, Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education

2003 Winner Individual-Regional
Mike Way, Executive Director, Colorado Alliance for EE

2003 Winner Organization-Local
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

2003 Winner Organization-Regional
ForEd BC

2002 Winner Individual-Local
Greg Stumbo, Kentucky

2002 Winner Individual-Regional
Tim Brown, Utah Society for Environmental Education

2002 Winner Individual-Global
Martha Monroe, School of Forest Resources and Conservation University of Florida 

2002 Winner Organization-Local
New Jersey School of Conservation

2002 Winner Organization-Regional
National Wildlife Federation

2001 Winner Individual-Local
Kurt Mason, District Conservationist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Jefferson County Conservation District

2001 Winner Individual-Global
Bob Jickling, Canada 

2001 Winner Organization-Local
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of State Parks

2001 Winner Organization-Regional
Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

2001 Winner Organization-Global
World Wildlife Fund

2000 Winner Individual-Local
Claudia Fowler, Louisiana Environmental Education Association 

2000 Winner Individual-Regional
Don Baugh, Chesapeake Bay Foundation 

2000 Winner Individual-Global
Brian Day, GreenCOM, the Environmental Education and Communication Project of USAID 

2000 Winner Organization-Local
School Yard Nature Program

2000 Winner Organization-Global
Rostov Region of Russia

2000 Winner Organization-Global
Tennessee Valley Authority

1999 Winner Individual-Local
Diane Davies, Georgia

1999 Winner Individual-Regional
Max Peterson

1999 Winner Organization-Local
Moanalua Gardens Foundation

1999 Winner Organization-Global

1998 Winner Individual-Local
Mayor David L. Armstrong, Louisville KY

1998 Winner Organization-Local

1998 Winner Organization-Regional
Environmental News Network

1997 Winner Individual-Local
Tom Bennett, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources

1997 Winner Individual-Regional
Robert Haas, River of Words Project

1997 Winner Organization-Local
Los Angeles Conservation Corp

1997 Winner Organization-Regional
The National Environmental Education and Training Foundation (NEETF)

1996 Winner Individual-Local
Pamela Landers, GreenPrint Council

1996 Winner Individual-Regional
George R. Francis, University of Waterloo, Canada

1996 Winner Organization-Local
The Metropolitan Sewer District

1996 Winner Organization-Regional
American Forest Foundation

1995 Winner Individual-Local
Vern Fridley, Utah Society for Environmental Education

1995 Winner Individual-Regional
Richard Wheeler, The Great Auk Project

1995 Winner Organization-Local
Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education, Stevens Point, WI

1995 Winner Organization-Regional
Council of State Governments, Lexington KY

1994 Winner Individual-Regional
Karen Armstrong-Cummings, Frankfort, KY

1994 Winner Organization-Regional
Phillips Petroleum Company

1993 Winner Individual-Regional
Lynne Cherry, Washington, DC 

1993 Winner Organization-Regional
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

1992 Winner Individual-Regional
Judy Braus, World Wildlife Fund 

1992 Winner Organization-Regional
Profauna (Proteccion de la Fauna)

1991 Winner Individual-Regional
David C. Engleson, Supervisor of Environmental Education, WI

1991 Winner Organization-Regional
WSMT TV Channel 4, Nashville

1990 Winner Individual-Regional
Edward Radatz, Biology Teacher, Oak Park, IL

1990 Winner Individual-Regional
Karen Hollweg, Denver Audubon Society 

1990 Winner Organization-Regional
Alberta Environment, Environmental Education Branch

1989 Winner Individual-Regional
Kathy O'Hara, Center for Marine Conservation

1989 Winner Individual-Regional
Barry Fox, Virginia State University 

1989 Winner Organization-Regional
Tennessee Valley Authority, Environmental Education Program

1988 Winner Individual-Regional
James Murray, Television producer, Canada

1988 Winner Organization-Regional
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

1987 Winner Individual-Regional
Charles Roth, Massachusetts Audubon Society

1987 Winner Organization-Regional
Kentucky Division of Water

1986 Winner Organization-Regional
Project WIZE (Wildlife Inquiry through Zoo Education), New York Zoological Society

1985 Winner Individual-Regional
Paul F. Brandwein, Unionville, NY

1985 Winner Organization-Regional
National Wildlife Federation

1984 Winner Individual-Regional
Charles Hopkins, Boyne River Natural Science School, Canada 

1984 Winner Organization-Regional
Western Regional Environmental Education Council

1983 Winner Individual-Regional
Steven E. Landfried, Stoughton (WI) High School

1983 Winner Organization-Regional
Michigan Environmental Education Association

1982 Winner Individual-Regional
Richard Dunn, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

1982 Winner Individual-Regional
John A. Weeks, Centers for Nature Education, Baldwinsville, NY

1981 Winner Individual-Regional
Thomas F. Williams, Consultant, Environmental Affairs

1981 Winner Organization-Regional
Environmental Education Association of South Dakota

1980 Winner Individual-Regional
Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

1980 Winner Organization-Regional
ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education

1979 Winner Individual-Regional
Glenn Linnert, New Albany

1979 Winner Individual-Regional
John Moody, New Albany 

1979 Winner Organization-Regional
Journal of Environmental Education

1978 Winner Individual-Regional
William B. Stapp, The University of Michigan

1978 Winner Organization-Regional
League of Women Voters Education Fund

1976 Winner Individual-Regional
Odom Fanning, Washington, DC

1976 Winner Individual-Regional
Kay Blackwelder, Atlanta Schools

1976 Winner Individual-Regional
Lewis Shelton, Fernbank Science Center

1976 Winner Individual-Regional
Philip Greear, Shorter College

1975 Winner Organization-Regional
Weyerhauser Corporation

1974 Winner Individual-Regional
Governor Tom McCall, Oregon

1974 Winner Individual-Regional
Mayor Pete Wilson, San Diego,CA