ee360+ Goal 4: Maintaining Project Excellence Through Evaluation, Communication, and Management

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Objective: A well-managed program, guided by expert advisors and supported by an adaptive management strategy, a communications plan, and input from a rigorous and independent evaluation.

Outputs include:

  • Provide accurate and timely progress reports that detail achievements and costs
  • Develop and implement a communications and outreach plan to publicize the work of ee360+
  • Incorporate expert advice from a culturally diverse and multidisciplinary Advisory Council
  • Support an independent and rigorous evaluation to determine project effectiveness and lessons learned


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Reporting and Management

NAAEE’s team is effectively overseeing the ee360+ network of hundreds of organizations and individuals to see that our goals are accomplished.


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A communication strategy is guiding the ee360+ team to inform and engage a broad cross section of educators and leaders in the project.


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Advisory Council

A diverse and multi-disciplinary Advisory Council is providing expert guidance to the project.


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COSI’s Lifelong Learning Group, an independent evaluation team, is determining the project’s effectiveness and providing recommendations for improvement.