Cultivating Collective Impact

We unite the field in a collaborative, inclusive pursuit of innovative public education and engagement strategies. We serve our members by providing learning opportunities for the EE community—from an annual international conference to online forums, regional gatherings, and other opportunities for learning, sharing, and promoting best practices. We're always looking for more ways to work together - join us!

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With more than 50 affiliates in North America, we have a lot of voices shouting the praises of environmental education far and wide.

NAAEE’s annual conferences have helped shape environmental education into the powerful force it is today, positively advancing civic engagement, environmental literacy, STEM learning, and the health of our communities and our planet.

No matter what your role as an educator—science teacher, naturalist, community organizer, activist—NAAEE can help you develop and reach your climate literacy goals. Learn more with climate change education and climate justice resources from NAAEE and our partners.

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NAAEE's signature annual leadership program recognizes 30 game-changing leaders under 30 years of age who are using environmental education to build a sustainable future for all.

ee360 is an ambitious five-year initiative that supports a diverse cadre of environmental education leaders to increase environmental literacy for everyone, everywhere. NAAEE leads the initiative through a cooperative agreement with U.S. EPA and seven partner organizations.

NOAA Office of Education and NAAEE have a 5-year partnership in place to increase environmental and science literacy among NOAA’s partners and external networks.

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Environmental Issues Forums provides tools, training, and support for engaging adults and students in meaningful, productive discussions about sticky issues that affect the environment and communities.

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The way we think… The way we act… The way we are. NAAEE is committed to promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. We believe that a wide array of perspectives allows all organizations to be more effective, and we honor the beliefs, attitudes, language, interpersonal styles, and values of all individuals.

NAAEE supports early childhood environmental educators through the Natural Start Alliance—a network of organizations, educators, and parents committed to connecting young children to nature and the environment through education.

Discover the evidence that supports our mission to provide education for the world we want! There's an ever-growing body of research in environmental education—we conduct it ourselves, and support others in their investigation of the field.