Thomas Hudspeth

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies & Natural Resources, UVM 2016

Walter E. Jeske Award

Tom Hudspeth arrived at the University of Vermont in 1972 to help establish a University-wide environmental studies program. For over 40 years, he helped lead and guide their Environmental Program, now one of the best and most well-recognized programs in the nation. His work in sustainability and environmental education have helped contribute to broad public engagement and awareness, qualifying the Burlington region as a coveted United Nations Regional Center of Expertise (RCE).

Tom is an excellent educator, having won several faculty awards at UVM (2005 and 2010), developed innovative, high-impact courses, and advised boatloads of undergraduate students, as well as 70 masters and 6 PhD students. Much of his research has been in the context of his teaching and student projects, and echoing the deep commitment for sustainability, he has worked to improve his local environment. For example, his scholarship of engagement has explored citizen participation in urban waterfront revitalization and forest management, living machines, the Burlington Intervale (a start-up enterprise for would-be farmers), ecotourism in Vermont, and the development of a network of bicycle paths in the region. His partnerships with local organizations have made his courses successful and given students opportunities to write stories, conduct projects, and advocate for social change.

Tom was an early leader of NAAEE's Environmental Studies Section and has continued to make NAAEE a priority over the years, despite the change in the association. His unique blend of EE, ESD, local partnerships, and quality of life are a model that we would all be wise to follow.

Tom has been part of NAAEE forever and served in a quiet, behind-the-scenes way that doesn't provide a lot of glory but is essential for the success of any organization. He has been a leader in blending EE and ESD at the regional level (Vermont) and we need insights like his and he is a skilled environmental educator -- his courses are fantastic, and he just retired.


Thomas Hudspeth

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