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CEE-Change Fellowship:
Building Leadership in Civics and Environmental Education

ee360 is joining forces with Cedar Tree Foundation to launch a new fellowship in 2021.

We are excited to announce the launch of the 2021 CEE-Change Fellowship Program, NAAEE's newest initiative to support leadership and innovation in civics and environmental education across North America. CEE stands for Civics and Environmental Education. NAAEE recognizes the value in bringing together environmental and civic engagement educators to learn from each other and collaborate to scale up our impact as we work to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

This fellowship program will bring together a diverse and inspiring cadre of formal and nonformal educators and community leaders working to address today’s complex environmental and social concerns at the local, state, and national levels. As part of this fellowship, participants will learn civic engagement (CE) skills together with environmental education (EE) skills, and look at how the two fields can collaborate more deliberately. This work is intended to foster leadership within schools and at the community level, promote civic engagement and environmental responsibility, and ultimately build more resilient, equitable, and healthy communities. 

The fellowship program is a partnership with US EPA and the Cedar Tree Foundation to help strengthen environmental education and civic engagement.

Learn more about US EPA’s mission

Each Fellow will design joint CE and EE Community Action Projects and have access to a limited pool of mini-grant funding to support their work. Grant funds will be prioritized for Fellows who have the most innovative ideas and effective strategies for using CE and EE to address a community environmental issue, lead to progress on civic engagement, and strengthen community resilience to address environmental concerns. Grant funds will also be set aside for Fellows seeking additional leadership training and professional development, including professional learning exchanges with other Fellows. Projects will emphasize community and civic engagement, sustainability, and resilience. Additionally, each project will address US EPA’s core mission to provide Americans with clean air, land, and water.

The eighteen-month fellowship will provide CEE-Change Fellows with opportunities to learn, network, and share through online professional development, technical assistance, and face-to-face training. The fellowship will also lay a strong foundation for continued professional growth after the program ends.

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Benefits of Becoming a Fellow

Each Fellow accepted into the program will receive training and individualized support for their work, including the following:

  • Professional development and leadership training* with a focus on civic education, environmental education, JEDI in the environmental movement (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion), partnership building, participatory planning strategies, community engagement, leadership, strategic communications, fundraising, project planning, grant management, mapping power, coalition-building, design-thinking, and evaluation (Professional development will be designed based on a needs assessment.)
  • An enhanced professional network of CEE-Change Fellows and leaders in civic education, environmental education, conservation, community resilience, and other disciplines
  • Increased access to relevant practices and resources through NAAEE’s professional development opportunities on eePRO
  • A virtual Leadership Institute to be held sometime between July 12 and 23, 2021 (exact dates and timing TBD)
  • Monthly virtual training webinars on priority topics
  • Scholarship funds to attend the 2021 Annual NAAEE Conference October 13–16, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA (in-person or virtual conference TBD); Scholarship funds to attend a face-to-face follow-up in summer 2022
  • Technical assistance in planning and implementing a Community Action Project
  • Opportunities to apply for mini-grant funds to implement a Community Action Project; grants will range from $3,000 for a planning grant up to $10,000 for a collaboration grant (Collaboration grants are two or more Fellows working together to promote a larger-scale effort.)
  • Access to professional development funds to seek additional leadership training and to support learning exchanges between Fellows
  • Mentoring and networking opportunities within the Fellows cohort and the NAAEE network
  • Individual and organizational recognition through ee360 and NAAEE 
  • The opportunity to both participate and inform an emergent framework for a new toolkit for educators working at the intersection of environmental education and civic and community engagement.

*NAAEE has a strong record of designing engaging and immersive professional development and fellowship programs. At this time, our plans for in-person gatherings are based on the best available information we have about COVID-related health and safety protocols. Any necessary adjustments to the schedule and nature of convenings will be made with the best interests of staff and participants in mind. We are committed to providing a meaningful and inspiring experience for all CEE-Change Fellows. 

How to Apply

We will begin accepting applications in March 2021. All application materials are due by May 17, 2021, 11:59 PM ET. Applicants will be notified of their status early July 2021.

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Applicants who applied for the delayed 2020 Community EE Fellowship Program are eligible to submit an abbreviated application for the CEE-Change Fellowship. Contact Anne Umali at for more information.

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Jenn Page

"NAAEE does an extraordinary job of uniting people and helping to lift them up so they can do the work that they are passionate about. You are now part of a community whose strength comes from our connection to each other and is exponentially amplified through the work that we do and the lives we touch. As an ee360 Fellow you are helping to shift the inertia of the world we live in and bringing us all to a better existence than before. Be courageous, be vulnerable, and bring your whole self to this experience. We have all been waiting for you and what you bring to our cohort - we are glad you are here."