21CCLC Promo Kit

The NOAA-21st Century Community Learning Centers STEM Education Partnership Grants support communities by establishing partnerships that contribute to more equitable learning outcomes for students. Make sure community organizations know about this opportunity by sharing it with organizations and people who want to:

  • Lead a well-funded after-school program that emphasizes STEM education
  • Partner with 21st Century Community Learning Centers to educate their community about watersheds
  • Implement NOAA B-WET’s Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience approach to STEM-based environmental education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information

  • Tell people to learn more at naaee.org/21CCLC or to read the RFP
  • When posting to social use #21CCLCGrant and #NOAABWET. Tag @TheNAAEE, @NOAAeducation, or @usedgov on Twitter and @TheNAAEE, @NOAABWET, @NOAAEducation, and @Ed.gov on Facebook.
  • There are informational webinars on December 19, 2019 and January 19, 2020
  • Applications close on February 6, 2019


Newsletter Text

The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) is pleased to offer the opportunity for your organization to apply for a NOAA-21st CCLC Watershed STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Education Partnership grant. Through this grant program, NAAEE is supporting the mutual STEM education goals of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Department of Education. These grants will provide 21st Century Community Learning Centers with access to authentic STEM experiences that use NOAA's unique educational mission as a context for engagement. Apply by February 6, 2019, and learn more by downloading the RFP or emailing tnoya@naaee.org.

Social Media for Organizations

  • Enhance student learning while advancing environmental literacy by partnering with a 21st Century Community Learning Center. Apply for @TheNAAEE, @NOAABWET, and @usedgov's STEM education grant at naaee.org/21CCLC #21CCLCgrant #NOAABWET
  • Environmental educators: teach kids during out-of-school hours! Apply to this grant by @TheNAAEE that brings @NOAAeducation meaningful watershed educational experience to @usedgov's 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Visit naaee.org/21CCLC. #21CCLCgrant #NOAABWET

Social Media for Individuals

  • Help @TheNAAEE, @NOAAeducation, and @usedgov create more equitable learning outcomes in your community! Apply for their STEM education grant to support local after-school programs at naaee.org/21CCLC. #NOAABWET #21CCLCGrant
  • [tag organization or after-school program], increase your student learning outcomes and partner with a local learning center by using a STEM education grant from @TheNAAEE, @NOAAeducation, and @usedgov. Apply at naaee.org/21CCLC. #NOAABWET #21CCLCGrant

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