State Environmental Literacy Plans

Designed to provide a snapshot of the status of environmental literacy plans in each state, the State Environmental Literacy Plans 2014 Status Report is available to download. 

Thanks to everyone who helped pull this together, including all the Affiliates and state representatives who responded to the survey. The good news is that even without funding from the proposed No Child Left Inside Act, many states are already implementing environmental literacy plans, although all the states are struggling for support.

NAAEE will continue to provide updates on the status of state ELPs and next steps. Congratulations to all the states who are moving forward!

Please note that this report reflects data from a survey completed in early 2014. Let us know if any information has changed within your state since the survey was completed by emailing Sarah Bodor, Director of Policy and Affiliate Relations, at

Develop your state environmental literacy plan

 Download the report 



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