Outstanding Affiliate Organization

Affiliates group photo Tucson 2022

The Outstanding Affiliate Organization Award is given annually to recognize significant contributions by NAAEE Affiliate organizations to the field of environmental education.

2022 Recipient: Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education

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  • Consistent and ongoing services to enhance EE, such as statewide and regional conferences, newsletters, etc.
  • Growth in dues paying membership and organizational capacity of state, provincial, territorial, or regional EE association
  • Completion and implementation of strategic long-range plan for the association
  • Development of new initiatives that have enhanced the quality and availability of local EE programs to serve all communities of the state, province, territory, or region
  • Establishment of reciprocal partnerships with other state, provincial, territorial, or regional associations to promote and enhance EE capacity and/or delivery of programs for all people
  • Support any action towards meeting NAAEE goals and concerns
Past Recipients

2019 Winner
California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education 

2018 Winner
Arizona Association for Environmental Education 

2017 Winner
Environmental Education Association of New Mexico 

2016 Winner
Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI)

2015 Winner
Maine Environmental Education Association 

2014 Winner
Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC)

2013 Winner
New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA)
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2012 Winner
Kentucky Association for Environmental Education

2011 Winner
Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

2010 Winner
Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association

2009 Winner
Rhode Island Environmental Education Association
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2008 Winner
Texas Association for Environmental Education

2007 Winner
Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education
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2006 Winner
Idaho EE Association (IdEEA)
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2005 Winner
Environmental Education Association of Oregon (EEAO)
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2004 Winner
Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia

2003 Winner
Alliance for New Jersey EE

2002 Winner
Environmental Education Council of Ohio

2001 Winner
Kentucky Association for Environmental Education

2000 Winner
Utah Society for Environmental Education

1999 Winner
Tennessee Environmental Education Association

1998 Winner
Environmental Educators of North Carolina

1997 Winner
Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education

1996 Winner
Oklahoma Association for Environmental Education

1995 Winner
Colorado Association for Environmental Education

1994 Winner
Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education