CEE-Change Fellows 2021

CEE-Change Fellowship: Building Leadership in Civics and Environmental Education

In 2021, ee360 joined forces with Cedar Tree Foundation to launch a new CEE-Change Fellowship Program!

This program was NAAEE's newest initiative to support leadership and innovation in civics and environmental education across North America. CEE stands for Civics and Environmental Education. NAAEE recognizes the value in bringing together environmental and civic engagement educators to learn from each other and collaborate to scale up our impact as we work to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

This fellowship program brought together a diverse and inspiring cadre of formal and nonformal educators and community leaders working to address today’s complex environmental and social concerns at the local, state, and national levels. As part of this fellowship, participants learned civic engagement (CE) skills together with environmental education (EE) skills, and looked at how the two fields can collaborate more deliberately. This work fostered leadership within schools and at the community level, promoted civic engagement and environmental responsibility, and ultimately worked to build more resilient, equitable, and healthy communities. 

Each Fellow designed joint CE and EE Community Action Projects and had access to a limited pool of mini-grant funding to support their work, prioritized for Fellows who have the most innovative ideas and effective strategies for using CE and EE to address a community environmental issue, lead to progress on civic engagement, and strengthen community resilience to address environmental concerns. Projects emphasized community and civic engagement, sustainability, and resilience. Additionally, each project addressed U.S. EPA’s core mission to provide Americans with clean air, land, and water.

The eighteen-month fellowship provided CEE-Change Fellows with opportunities to learn, network, and share through online professional development, technical assistance, and face-to-face training. The fellowship also laid a strong foundation for continued professional growth after the program ends.

For inquiries please contact us at CEEchangeFellow@naaee.org.

CEE Change, Together Blog Series (Class of 2021)

Welcome to our blog series, CEE-Change, Together. Each month, NAAEE posts narratives from the CEE-Change Fellows as they implement their community action projects and work to strengthen environmental education and civic engagement capabilities, all supporting the mission of cleaner air, land, and water. Join us on their journey by reading their blog posts. We will release a few new stories each month on eePRO and link to them here!

March 2022: "Deliberative Dialogue Forums: Effectively Engaging Communities on Challenging Topics," by Mandy Baily

April 2022: "Facilitating Teen and Adult Community Environmental Action Projects via Near-Peer Mentors and Resources", by Laura Cisneros

April 2022: "Parley for the Oceans: Fighting Marine and Coastal Plastic Pollution," by Judith Morales 

May 2022: "Cepow Cameroon Helps Solve Cameroon's Plastic Waste Problem," by Fontoh Desmond Abinwi

June 2022: "Community-Based Science Gives Middle Schoolers a Voice for Education," by Patricia Dugan-Henriksen 

June 2022: "Climate Conversations Collaborative," by Lisa Yeager

July 2022: "Place-Based Education and Civic Engagement," by Aubrae Filipiak

July 2022: "Environmental Leadership Project Connecting Youth to Their Communities," by Danny Woolums

August 2022: "Adapting Formal Education Curriculum to Fit a Nonformal Setting" by Jenna Hoover 

September 2022: "Neighbor2Neighbor: A Community Action Research Project to Scaffold Transitions Towards Sustainability" by Melanie Schikore

September 2022: "Water Reflections Across Generations" by Carolin Ellerkamp

November 2022: "Students and Teachers Find Inspiration in Leading Their Community" by Justin Kaput

November 2022: "The Green Jobs Pipeline is Broken" by Eileen Boekestein

February 2023: "Food Waste Reduction Program Inspires Middle Schoolers to Engage" by Angela Rivera

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The CEE-Change Fellowship Program is supported by generous funding from the Cedar Tree Foundation and ee360+, an ambitious multi-year initiative that supports a diverse cadre of environmental education leaders to increase environmental literacy for everyone, everywhere. NAAEE leads the initiative through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. EPA and partner organizations.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a federal agency that has been protecting human health and the environment for over 50 years. For over 30 years, EPA has supported environmental education (EE) and training for teachers and other education professionals through the National Environmental Education and Training Program (NEETP), created by The National Environmental Education Act of 1990. The purpose of this program is to provide EE training and long-term support to formal and nonformal education professionals across the United States, bolstering their ability to effectively teach about environmental issues. The NEETP is managed by EPA’s Office of Environmental Education (OEE). Learn more about current projects managed by OEE >  

Questions? Contact: CEEchangeFellow@naaee.org

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